Commercial projects range from executive and private office buildings, banks and credit unions, and the hospitality industry.

As for the commercial environment, Jana enjoys creating a unique and branded business environment for each company. “All of us spend so much of our time at work and my goal is to create an atmosphere where individuals thrive emotionally, professionally, and will anticipate a sense of well being.

The key ingredient for successful design in every environment starts with the goal to maximize the use of space, optimal form and function, with the addition of beautiful and unique surroundings.

A designer accomplishes this by working with the office clientele’s list of needs (programming phase) and integrates efficiency of space planning (schematic design phase) and then chooses the construction finish materials (specification phase) such as floor and wall colors, cabinets, countertop, and backsplash materials, fixtures and appliances. Design services typically include selections and acquisitions on specialty lighting, office furnishings, window treatments, ancillary, and accessory items. Developing a design concept and integrating it into these outlined tasks solidify a collaborative and successful design.

Hospitality Design is also a passion for Jana Caron. Her former experience working at The Lodge at Pebble Beach and multiple Carmel restaurants has given her both the appreciation and the knowledge of how a restaurant or hotel should function and perform in beautiful surroundings. Every detail is essential from interior space planning, specification of construction materials and finishes, selection and acquisition of furnishings, window treatments, ancillary, art and accessories, which all contribute to the uniqueness of each commercial environment.

Residential remodels and custom homes are another sector of Jana's projects.

Interior Design begins with an inspirational vision. A design idea based upon the client’s personality and lifestyle, the location, and the perimeters of the project. Very important are open communication with her clients to identify all desires and goals for maximizing each project’s potential while at the same time being sensitive to both budget and time restraints. Jana’s goal is to define the client’s needs, integrate function, form, and beauty into a design plan. When a project requires structural design and calculations, collaboration with an architect or engineer is an essential way to expedite a successful design process. Jana enjoys the team partnership approach and can offer her client’s project management services that include selection and management of each professional participant. Jana always has her client’s best interest in the forefront and is consistent to present this philosophy with each team participant throughout the project’s progression.

Jana also enjoys the building process.

Included in the typical designer’s scope of work are meetings with the Architect or Engineer, Contractor and subcontractors to discuss and plan for design details for achieving that specific look for her clients. She enjoys working as a liaison between the professional consultants and the client. Creativity and flexibility are important since remodels as well as new construction contain an element of surprise even with the best-laid plans. Jana Caron’s 35 years of design experience has developed a broad network of team members including design professionals, product resources, fabricator associates, and construction teams that are essential in achieving a successful one of a kind project!

Inspired design is all about the client…Every project is distinct because every client is unique.

“My greatest satisfaction is serving my clients to achieve their dream design, and to know I am making a difference in their daily lives. My goal is to captivate inspired design from each client which is the key to creating a personalized environment. Each project is distinct because of the uniqueness of each client.”

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