Andy Boy Ag Firm

Interior DesignerJana Caron
OwnerD’Arrigo Bros
ArchitectBelli Architectural Group
Electrical DesignerGary Pybas, Lightworks
Landscape DesignerBokay Nursery, Salinas
ContractorSalinas Steel Builders
PlumbingDel Mar Plumbing
PhotographyErica Sergio

Project Description

In the early 1900’s the Sicilian D’Arrigo brothers, Andrew and Stephen, migrated to the United States. After brief employment with their grape juice farming cousin, they developed their own produce company in 1923. Today D’Arrigo Bros. Company farms more than 33,000 acres of approximately 13 different types of crops including tree fruit, grapes, and cactus; pears and pads (nopales). Over the course of recent years, new campus facility plans were developed by Belli Architectural Group which included a cooler building, trucker’s lounge, packing building, dry storage building, receiving office and a corporate office building. D’Arrigo Bros. Company contracted Jana Caron Design to complete the interiors of the 30,000 SF cooperate offices. The interior designer’s first challenge was to convince the client to not only embrace the Old California architectural style but to also embellish it. Once convinced, elements such as rustic beam timbers and casework, smoothly coated plaster walls, hand forged iron lighting and Spanish tile patterns throughout completed the Old California style within. Another challenge was to develop a more human scale within the multiple vast interior spaces. The designer accomplished this by incorporating interior arches and niches in the lobby and long hallways. Strategic location of lighting fixtures emphases the arched transitions and barrel-vaulted ceilings throughout. With the addition to photos and art work including family history, family ranches and farms, the interior walls give ample opportunity to view the rich agricultural valley lands and celebrate traditions.