Beach Side Cottage

Project Description

The cottage project in Pacific Grove CA began as a newly purchased second home getaway for a regular client whom we have done multiple projects for in the past. Familiar with the way the clients like to work, we quickly came up with a design concept; cottage fresh and fun. We next determined this would be a move in ready project, and that new furnishings, accessories, and custom window treatments would be the plan. Discovery of an inferior engineered floor by former owner led us to unearth existing hardwood floors that we were able to fir in additional materials and refinish them for a new look.

After a few years of loving the beach side living, my clients determined this would become their future main residence and decided on a phase II project. Phase II involved remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms, new front door, replacing original divided light windows with upgraded picture windows on the front façade to capture more views, and adding a kitchen skylight with special lighting features. In addition, new Cristallo Quartzite countertops throughout, with back light LED panel system on the central island for a magnificent focal point. To complete the kitchen, new task lighting, tile splash, cabinetry with specialty glazed painted surfaces, fixtures, appliances and hardware. As a design firm, we took the lead as project manager and acted as the agents to procure the necessary city permitting requirements. As with most remodels, multiple construction and electrical substandard elements were discovered, and improvements proceeded throughout the process on the property. The clients are thrilled with the project completion and have a renewed sense of accomplishment. They are looking forward to enjoying and sharing their beautiful surroundings.