Jet Center Suites

Interior DesignerJana Caron
OwnerJRC Hangar
ArchitectAusonio, Inc.
Structural EngineerGBDH Design Group, Inc.
Mechanical EngineerComfort Control
Electrical DesignerDba Electric
ContractorAusonio, Inc.
PhotographyMichelle Magdalena

Project Description

The Monterey Jet Center is the inspiration of a group of dedicated pilots and aircraft owners who recognized the need for an FBO that would provide visitors and residents with the level of distinctive service they expected from the Monterey Peninsula.
On the west side of the Jet Center, four additional buildings; 2 story concrete tilt up structures, were developed by Panattoni Development Co. These buildings gave opportunity for private ownership for future development of executive offices, suites, and large jet hangars.
Upon reviewing a recently completed hangar facility designed by Jana Caron Design and Ausonio, Inc., the owner representative of hangar contacted Jana Caron in regards to their new project. Excited over a second hangar project opportunity, Jana Caron immediately contacted Ausonio, Inc.
The client’s desire was to develop contemporary style executive offices complete with reception, private offices, conference area, kitchen, lounge, multiple restrooms, and private suites. The hangar area was designed to be spacious as well easily maintained for frequent occupancy of private jets and automobiles.
Based upon the client’s specific needs, Jana Caron developed a floor plan for their corporate needs. Once the design concept and layout was solidified, the designer specified interior finishes, cabinetry, appliances, fixtures, lighting, suite and office furnishings, as well accessories for the client. Throughout the design-build process, consistent and open communication with owner representative and the Ausonio, Inc. team was a vital ingredient attributing to the success of the project.