Markon – Agricultural Firm

Project Description:

Having outgrown its former office building, Markon Inc. desperately needed to find a new location. After months of reviewing a variety of locations, the perfect building just a few blocks away was discovered, and the planning commenced.  The company enjoys regular cooking demonstrations and events, which emphasized their need for a well-planned large kitchen-breakroom area. After re-configuring the old breezeway kitchen into one large space, we also eliminated adjacent smaller spaces into one large area which resulted in a beautiful multipurpose lounge. 

This is a great example of a tenant improvement project, and our firm worked directly with the company’s VP of Finance for development of the design concept, space planning, interior finishes and décor.  We also collaborated on design with the contractor for the design build improvements, and with a local contract furnishings company to coordinate all ancillary and office furnishings selections.