SSCS Business Interiors

Project Description

This commercial tenant improvement project for a computer systems company
called for some inspirational guidance since the 10 year old building’s original white
walls and flooring had been unchanged since completion. The company requested a
“warm and fuzzy environment” that would give its employees a more enjoyable
workplace as well desire to stay in for lunch breaks and special events.  Our challenges
began with some Asian architectural elements in the lobby, and the bright orange Logo
for the company’s branding. We successfully incorporated and celebrated these
elements into the company’s new design scheme by pairing them with reclaimed wood
wall sculptures, new carpet tiles that featured a hint of the logo color, and environmental
large wall art that would intentionally give each employee a respite from the work zone.

Our scope of work included the overall design vision for the project, management of
sub-contractor work, as well collaboration with Peninsula Business Interiors for the
selection of all new systems and ancillary furnishings. Design selections and
installations included new wall paint, flooring, custom wall décor, window treatments, art
work, and a complete new kitchen concept.

The design vision for the kitchen breakroom was to develop a setting that would allow a
restful departure from the workplace. To achieve this, existing cabinetry was repainted
with a glaze technique, and new wall/ceiling paint, countertops, hardware,
fixtures/appliances, art, furniture and specialty lighting were installed to complete the
new and exciting look.

The result was a cohesively branded look for the company, a calendar scheduled with
new events, happier employees and elated company owners.