Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design is the integration of natural elements in a built environment to appease the human love of nature. Natural materials help bring a connection with the relationship between people and nature.

Breakroom inspiration:
Local Art scenes take us outdoors to refresh our spirits. Walnut slab dining table reminds us of the multiple species of trees we enjoy around the Monterey Peninsula.
Polished concrete floors resemble earths laden pathways of sand, granite and

Breakroom 2 inspiration:
Presence of water is calming and relaxing, and light fixtures mimic the warmth
and intensity of the sun

10 Characteristics of Biophilic Design
1- Design and Patterns as seen in nature
2- Natural light improves moral and overall comfort
3- Human mind and body appreciates the presence of water
4- Multi-sensory experience; touch, smell, sounds & feelings
5- Organic materials used in environment
6- Maximize your view
7- Airflow is important-stimulates focus and gives an
awakened feeling
8- Natural shapes integrated that exist in nature
9- Art work; landscapes, sculpture, and paintings that remind us of natural elements
10- Humans reconnecting with nature

Natural stone façade with reclaimed wood mantle evokes earthy elements with a textile feel

Jana Caron has been practicing Biophilic Design for decades and is a firm advocate for connecting people with nature.

I look forward to assisting you with a design plan to positively impact your health and well being.