About Jana Caron Design

Timeless elegance is the goal of interior designer Jana Caron for both commercial and custom residential projects. From informal to sophisticated, the interiors created reflect the personality and lifestyle of each of her clients.
A warm and open communicative business relationship is a priority to clearly define her client’s needs.

Commercial projects range from the hospitality industry to complex office buildings.

As for the commercial environment, Jana enjoys creating an individual business space unique to each company. “All of us spend so much of our time at work and my goal is to create a place where people thrive emotionally and professionally.”
The key ingredient for successful design in every environment starts with the goal to maximize the use of space, optimal function, with the addition of beauty.

A designer accomplishes this by working with the office clientele’s list of needs (programming phase) and integrates efficiency of space planning (schematic design phase) and then chooses the finish materials, colors, lighting, office furniture, and accessories that evoke both a clean and sophisticated look (specification phase).  Developing a design concept and integrating it into these outlined tasks solidify a collaborative and successful design.

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Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

We are excited to meet you and get to know how you want to live in your new space. We will listen and discover what your project goals are. These conversations help us to get to know you more, identify your project scope, and help establish your budget.
Once your project scope is determined, we will outline these in a prepared document called the Service Agreement. This document will outline the project scope, our responsibilities, and how we will work together. Upon completed signatures and a retainer deposit, we can move forward onto the design planning phase.

After initial meetings, discussed goals, and a signed Service Agreement, your project has become a part of our thoughts and imaginations. At this stage, we are looking at important factors such as time, physical perimeters, and budget. But very importantly we are on an adventure to capture an inspired vision that will make your project distinct and as unique as you are.

Upon your approval of the inspired design concept, we move forward towards making your dream space into a reality through the creative process.
Depending upon your project needs, we may collaborate and work with other professional consultants to integrate all vital design aspects into your plan. Such potential consultants might be an architect, engineer, contractor, and/or a specialized contractor/fabricator.
In designing, there are multiple phases to review and work through with you during our regularly scheduled meetings.

These phases include:

  • programming (identify list of needs)
  • schematic design (integrating spatial arrangements and efficiency)
  • specifications (selections of construction materials and finishes)

The new designs we have prepared for your project will require sketches, computer drawings, and/or photographs to convey how it will be constructed and appear once completed. Along with prepared drawings, we will be selecting various building finish materials located throughout your project. Your input and approval process for these items will be a vital part in moving forward efficiently with the design process.

Now that you have a comprehensive design plan, approval requirements, allocated funds, and a selected team to start the process, we are ready to move forward to complete your project.
During construction, an active role of the designer is to be available for inevitable questions that arise or when a possible change may need to occur. As a rule, construction has surprises, but as your designer I am available to assist making expedient and qualified decisions. Questions and changes during construction are welcomed, but also know that delays and change orders will be an added expense to your project.
In your Service Agreement, my scope may include taking the role as a project manager, which requires regular project site visits as well consistent communication and management with the team to confirm work is progressing according to the plan and schedule.
Completion and installation of each project is the most rewarding time as the labor of every collaborative effort becomes an exciting reality.
As a designer, I am thrilled to witness the client’s delight in response to the completion of their new dream space, home or environment.

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